About us

Recently,the Arab region witnessed a huge rising in surveying science; being essential factor in all the projects within different majors and field – either planning or construction. Surveying engineering is considered to be an important part from urban development techniques that is spreading all over the world. Within surveying, we can determine all the required details regardless the wideness of the area; so that it is presented according to the highest standards of precision and accuracy that fit all field of work. Therefore, surveying engineering is integrated within all fields; it is the foundation and starting point for all sciences “Urban, Geographic, Geological, Oil, Water, Sport, etc….. To know surveying engineering, it must be identified referring to its branches which are divided into two main terms:

1-Previous branch:

• Flat surveying

• Geodetic Surveying

• Photogrammetric surveying

2-Subsequent branch:

• Geographic information system “GIS “

• Remote sensing “RS “

Vision and Policy

Surveying Engineering is a necessity in each science and technology; it is the basic element for each proper work, it can’t be neglected at all. Due to the overall Saudi vision which highly taking into consideration the importance of this field and its application, we established AL-Qotr Surveying Company in 2004 to be an important mark in implementing highest surveying engineering technique and in line with the development in various fields of economy and projects witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, adhering to our professional basics represented by Accuracy, achievements and excellence. In a short period, AL-Qotr Surveying Chad become one of the most important leading surveying office .We strive constantly to be the best; thus, we always try to develop the technical and administrative level of the office to meet the needs of the market. For that , we have implemented the most advanced policies to develop promote and refresh the human and logistic resources, as well as periodic evaluation for the staff individually or ingroup also rewarding the diligent and motivating the talents.